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Wholesale Apples

Algoma Orchards Ltd. 201 Regional Road 42 Newcastle, ON (905) 987-4961

Apple Pack House Facility

In 2009 Algoma Orchards constructed a state-of-the-art 100,000 sq. foot apple packing facility in Newcastle Ontario.

Some of the highlights are as follow:

  • 8 control atmosphere rooms – CA storage – store 1000 bins/room
  • 5 cold rooms – store 1,200 bins/room
  • Packed goods room – store 40,000 boxes
  • Pack 800 boxes/hour

The investment in the plant also led to the investment in a defect sorting system. After many trips Algoma Orchards purchased the MAF GlobalScan V.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Non-invasive process – traditionally apples packed by hand
  • Apples can be sorted by colour and its various shades
  • Apples can be presorted according to quality grade and can also be graded by diameter, length, surface area or volume
  • Can detect defects on the apple surface such as: russet, hail damage, bruising, rot, sunburn, and scald